Mould maker system


This technique allows to carry-out in a fast and effective way the dimensional check of mechanical parts or fusions whose geometry doesn’t allows the survey of their dimensions from outside.
Up to now, the sectioning of the sample was necessary to measure possible internal threads, undercuts, roughnesses or porosities. And the loss of material was often really considerable.
Moreover, in case of metallographic analysis on samples of big dimensions (for example hydrocarbon pipes which cannot be dismantled from their installation), the achievement of a specimen without damaging the whole structure was absolutely impossible.
The Mould Maker System consists in the injection, cold working and not in pressure, of a silicon-based agglomerate, bi-component fluid substance, which is extruded through special cartridges thanks to a practical distributor.
At the same time of the extrusion, it gets mixed up passing through a push rod which is specially made to obtain a well-blended compound. The final result is an extremely flowing preparation which seeps through every hollow, thanks to the gravity, easily and with absolute precision.
After the complete and total cross-linkage, we obtain an element in silicone rubber which reproduces (with extraordinary accuracy) all details of the space where it has been added. Moreover, its elasticity allows it to be extracted without any problems and, most of all, keeping the dimensional features of the tested geometries absolutely unchanged.
In the specific case of metallographic repetition, the silicon specimen that we obtain for the test under the microscope maintains such a hardness to guarantee the exact negative repetition of the surface structure and where necessary also of the material roughnesses of the tested area.

The “Mould Maker System kit” includes:

A distributing gun
Six product cartridges which can be chosen among MoMagreen, MoMaorange, MoMared, MoMablue
A packet of mixing points
A packet of micro-funnel (to enter holes of very little dimensions)
One detergent for the degreasing of surfaces
One special Plasticine bit to close possible holes of outlet for the silicon or to create matrixes of borders

For each element of the set every single product is available to be separately ordered again.