SKYWARD is the brand of the Italian company Montros Abrasivi s.r.l. for the metallographic and the processes’ and materials’ quality control fields.

Our core-business can be divided into:
  • The Cutting System for metals (where exceptional features of surface finish are requested);
  • The silicon for dimensional and metallographic replication
Speaking about the cutting, according to to the long-lasting experience of Montros Abrasivi (who has been producing resinoid wheels for special applications for 50 years), we consider it like the result of three essential elements:
Cutting wheel + Cutting machine + Operator
For this reason, also our qualified support during the testing procedures becomes crucial to always assure the most successful cutting solution (both in the field of the production of linear guides and most of all in the metallographic analysis). 
When required and if necessary, a customized product can be supplied.
With reference to the silicon for dimensional and metallographic replication, our partnership with one of the world leaders in the field of silicon for dental replications, livened up the MOuld MAker System, a product for the realization of metallographic and dimensional replication with astonishing features of reproducibility and stability (also suitable for roughness replication on rectified surfaces).
The absolute NON-TOXICITY, moreover, make its use also suitable on food surfaces.
Both these two typologies of products are completely “MADE IN ITALY”, unquestionable guarantee of quality and reliability.